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I decided to start up in order to help develop a woodland my partner and I bought early in 2015. We want to try and convert the predominately commercial wood into a more mixed woodland with an emphasis on making it a very special place for both us and the wildlife. Farming has become sufficiently intensive in Perthshire to start significantly reducing natural habitat for insects and birds as well as small mammals. We are in the process of establishing wildflower meadows and a small lochan which will attract insects such as the very threatened bumble bee. We are introducing hardwood trees such as oak and beech along with species well known for attracting insects such as willow. was born from the need to process the windblown timber and thinnings from the wood, rather than letting it go to waste. With the growing use of woodburning stoves, open fires and biomass boilers, we hope to be able to generate income to not only pay ourselves, but invest in conservation projects within Perthshire.

If anyone has a local woodland in the Glenalmond region, then please contact us if you would like help in managing it.
Mike is part of Abrade Trading Ltd and based in Glenalmond, Perthshire, Scotland. Registered Offices at 6 Atholl Crescent, Perth, Perth and Kinross PH1 5JN, UK

Current Local Conservation Projects:


Restoring a small woodland near Glenalmond into mixed native woodland. We are encouraging nesting birds, including Kestrel and Barn owl. We are extracting softwood with minimal disturbance to the many species of fungi on the natural woodland floor, by using small machinery and cutting with chainsaw only. We are preserving and restoring habitat for insects and small mammals, thus re-establishing natural food chains.


8 acres of previous grazing land in Perthshire is being replanted with native and broad leaf trees to create habitats for many endangered species, including red squirrels, barn owls and Kestrels. We are encouraging diverse insect life, with a view of attracting and maintaining the presence of migrating birds such as Swifts, House Martins and Swallows. Open areas are being converted into wild meadow flower areas. Yacht for sale in Scotland