firewood logs perthshire

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Seasoned Firewood logs for sale in Methven

Sustainable softwood and hardwood firewood sourced from local woodlands. We take care to manage the woodlands and extract the wood carefully, so as not to disturb the forest floor. This helps maintain the eco systems at all levels, from fungi growing on the ground, through to attracting birds of prey and larger mammals. Our logs for sale are seasoned until the moisture content is below 20%. We replant with mostly broadleaf trees, but keep a sustainable supply of softwood trees within each woodland. We believe that firewood is best bought on a local basis, preventing unnecessary transport. We are only 4 miles from Methven and 10 to Perth.

If you buy our logs for sale, you will help us manage local woodlands around Methven and Glenalmond. We hope to encourage red squirrels, Owls, Swallows, House Martins and many other species of birds and native wildlife. Our woodlands encourage insects and this in turn provides food chains for many species. We plant trees specifically to help bees and other threatened insects. We deliver free to Methven and local Perthshire villages and towns.

Being within 4 miles of our woodlands in Glenalmond, firewood delivered to Methven is eco friendly as well as coming from sustainable sources. If you want to stack your wood in a decorative way, please let us know and we can select appropriate wood. Our hardwood logs are especially random in shape as they are mostly branches and windblown trees. Logs delivered to Methven is free.

Types of wood

We supply a range of hardwood logs including Oak, Beech, Sycamore and Birch. Softwood logs include Hemlock Spruce, Sitka Pine, Larch trees and Willow. The logs are around 8 inches and split if over 3 inches in diameter. Bulk bags measure 80x80x80cm and are the equivalent of 0.51 m3, however, they often stretch giving you a few more! Logs are loaded loosely into the bags.

Current prices and how to order